Monday, 9 January 2012

Quantity than Quality.

First of all I wanna say Happy New Year to all, hope we can achieve our goal in this new year.

Enough of that, now I want to talk about our Malaysia Football League, with the new logo that have been introduced our local scene for sure will evolve into another level of standard.

With a new season to get through, each team have strengthen their team with new signing of player and in addition our 'Liga Super' also invited one team from Singapore to enter the league to make it more challenging.

After a few years the FAM (Footbal Association of Malaysia) now allow each team to have two import player in each team. From my view and my opinion, its good to have import player in a team and our league, but that can be positive if each team do not import only player that play as center forward (CF) only in their team.
What will happen to our local CF?

Our Harimau Malaya team improve dramatically in time when FAM stop the use of import player in our league.
How we want to find more talent with flair like we produce in the previous if all the forward position have been fill with the majority of the import player?

Lastly, what I want to express here is not that by allowing import player play in our league is not good or what, but the team itself have to think that not only take import player that play as forward only, they can also import player from other position such as midfielder, defender or even goalkeeper. By doing that, I believe our football league can be very competitive and keep continuing to bring forth new star in international level.
Who know?

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